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The thing I like about reviewing is that sometimes, blisteringly cool-ass stuff comes out of left field -- National Hijinx being a case in point. It's a mind-liquefying conflagration of dark dub and ballbusting breakbeats, sealed in a sonic envelope of dystopian ambience. Or it's just freaking wicked, take your pick. But be prepared to wet yourself as "National Hijinx" neutral drops into the trouser-venting drum and bass assault of "National Hijinx Part 2 (Mr. Swanks Menstore)", with a background loop that could've been stolen straight from Public Enemy. Wig out to the tech-frenzy-bass-menace of "Rusty Beats", one of the best arguments for buying a subwoofer I've ever heard. Curl into a foetal ball for the womb-sonic "50CC (Full Service History)" and stalk along with the eerie scratch-dubby "Tuft ER". Still with me? Try rattling your skeletal system to bits by dancing to the frenetic "Sloath", or revisit "Twin Peaks" on the tumescent, When-Will-It-Go-Insane-With-Beats (and believe me, it does, and choral vocal samples, too) "Eugolana Box". This is one of the best discs I've heard in ages -- but, given that Journeyman is Paul Frankland, a.k.a the brilliant Woob, I'm not surprised. Way, way, way worth the price of purchase, and then some.George "Runs Too Long" Zahora

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