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Karsh Kale's debut, Realize, ups the ante and spins his scene--the Asian Massive movement--into gold with a stunning coming together of electronic dance music, Indian folk and raga, and classical. Both songwriter and percussionist, Kale has long been a compatriot of Talvin Singh and has played with Bill Laswell's intriguing Tabla Beat Science project. Realize is grounded in layers of percussive wonder, swaddled in guitars, cello, flutes, and supreme vocals, then flipped upside down and alchemically reimagined inside out and sideways. A bhajan becomes a drum-and-bass song, as well as the other way around. The beautiful and rhythmically complex "Saajana," written in the Indian folk bhajan tradition, is exemplary of just this. The sound of infinite bird wings beating upward to the heavens, Realize is a sonic circus of right on. --Paige La Grone



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