i'm so lonesome i could sing...

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The Lonesome Organist is the name used by Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist Jeremy J. Jacobsen. The word lonesome is used not in the existential sense, but rather because he's a one-man band. Jacobsen's musical arsenal includes organs, toy piano, regular piano, saws, harmonicas, whistles, melodica, guitars, steel drums, pots, pans, and drums. Most of the instruments were played simultaneously and Jacobsen would generate a rhythmic bed using drum contraptions, tap shoes and electronic gadgetry. The few vocal numbers include shouts, mock-yodels, or enthusiastic expressions of compelling inscrutability.

The music evokes everything from a carnival to an old silent movie house, and generates images of tropical dance parties and a mad inventor living alone at the top of a mountain. The songs are short and the shifts of mood can be drastic, but it's all imbued with the consistency and personality of one man. The Lonesome Organist is part congenial tour guide, part gleeful prankster, and mostly traditional romantic.

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