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Ever since we discovered M83 and their gorgeous shimmery blissed out shoegazey electronic pop, we've been desparately trying to track down more stuff on Gooom, the French label that M83 (and Cyann & Ben as well) call home. While a lot of that stuff is already out of print, we did just manage to get a few titles in enough quantity to list. Purple Confusion actually features half of M83 as well as Gooom head honcho Jean-Philippe. So you can probably just imagine what this sounds like. Everybody who freaked out over the M83 will love this too. Take the My Bloody Valentine meets New Order sound of M83 add some propulsive Krautrock rhythms, some Stereolab rainy day mesmer, some DJ Shadow creepy ambience, and plenty of Autchere-ish skitter and glitch and you'll have a rough idea of where Purple Confusion are coming from. This is a brain bending, soul stirring blend of pop and fuzz and new wave and techno and glitchcore and dronerock and electro and all stops in between. Highly recommended. AQUARIUS RECORDS

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